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How to get wrinkles out of vinyl backdrop?

how to get wrinkles out of vinyl backdrop

Vinyl banner backdrops are a great way to create an eye-catching display. However, when stored incorrectly or for too long, vinyl banner backdrops can become wrinkled and distorted, leading to an unattractive banner backdrop. Fortunately, there are several ways to getting wrinkles out of vinyl backdrops without damaging the material. 

Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Vinyl Banner Backdrops.

1. Heat and Steam:

Use a clothes steamer or an iron with steam setting to gently heat the vinyl banner backdrop, then use a soft bristled brush to smooth out any wrinkles that may have formed in the material. 

2. Weighted Method:

Lay the banner on a flat surface and place books, weights, or other heavy objects on top of wrinkled sections until they are flattened out as much as possible.

3. Professional Dry Cleaning:

In some cases, dry cleaning can help you get out wrinkles from your vinyl banner backdrop without causing any additional damage to the material. Bring your banner to a professional cleaner who specializes in fabrics for this method.

4. Restore Stretching Machine:

If none of the above methods work, you may need to purchase a banner restoring stretching machine. This is an expensive investment but will be worth it in the long run if you want to keep your vinyl banner backdrops looking new and wrinkle-free.


By following these steps, you can get wrinkles out of vinyl banner backdrops without damaging the material. While it’s best to prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place by storing them properly, these tips can help you restore wrinkled banners when needed. With proper care and maintenance, vinyl banner backdrops can last for years and continue to look great at any event or display.


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