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Magnetic signs in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles magnetic sign is as popular as a banner. This graphic display is needed to deliver information to a target audience. It can inform a person of a destination, date of an event, or address of a venue. Also, it can warn, forbid or allow doing something. Signage is used to build brand awareness and increase sales. When the content is well thought out, it will contribute a lot to the success of your business.

About magnetic sign

There are various types of signs. Magnetic signs are made of the material which is intended for multiple usage. They are used in all branches of the economy to promote a brand or to decorate a building. The difference of this type from the others is that a sign consists of a vinyl layer and a magnetic backing. This is an extremely convenient solution. It is lightweight and easy to fix on any metal surfaces. It is easy to remove and reuse it without compromising on quality. Such flexibility makes this promotion tool highly-demanded. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The vinyl front side is durable and delivers a message in bright colors which will not fade for a long time. Moreover, location is easily changed without any difficulties due to their complete mobility.

Why do you need a magnetic sign?

The retractable magnetic signs in Los Angeles can be met everywhere:

  • on cars and other vehicles spreading the message across their travel route – a perfect idea for mobile marketing;
  • on products marketed in various stores to emphasize virtues and values of a new offer;
  • on walls and furniture of the venues to direct to the needed place and to show the right way to the office or section;
  • on shelves and shop-windows to inform of a seasonal sale or a new product which has been launched recently;
  • on an exhibition stand making a striking impression at an exhibition;
  • somewhere outdoors advertising business, attracting potential customers.

Whatever the purpose of a signage, its design is very important. It should be bright and comprehensive reflecting the quality of the offer, its key value, address of the shop, products or services provided. It can be considered a kind of a company’s salesperson so it is important to think over its functions properly. It should be speaking enough to tell everybody about the event in easy-to-understand words.

What is magnetic sign printing?

We print signs digitally guaranteeing a high resolution and full color. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. The design is created by a customer or a template is chosen in our portfolio.
  2. The approved image is printed on a vinyl side of a magnetic sign with use of advanced equipment to achieve the highest quality possible.
  3. The printed product is laminated to protect it from damages and to provide a beautiful finish. 
  4. When the result is satisfying the printed and laminated (upon customer request) vinyl is connected with a magnet.

The result has a lasting lifespan and provides the best possible image quality – a magnetic sign comes well protected against early damage.

Our advantages

When you print signs in our print shop, you benefit from a lot of options including:

  • free delivery provided that amount of your order exceeds $150;
  • printing of a customer’s images delivered in files in a wide range of formats;
  • several payment methods which are safe and reliable;
  • replacement or refund of any damaged or lost signage subject to the specified terms;
  • easy cancellation of the orders which have not been dispatched;
  • tracking of the order with the latest updates of the data provided by a shipping company;
  • a friendly and helpful customer support which can be reached out via email (

Our company will offer affordable magnetic sign printing in Los Angeles on favorable terms. Contact us to place an order for this efficient on-the-go marketing tool!