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Trade Show Displays Los Angeles

Do you want to find the most appropriate trade show displays in Los Angeles? Try our print shop! We offer our professional printing services and templates with graphics which can be applied to the customer content.

About what are trade show displays

Trade show displays are lightweight and simple to set up outdoors and indoors. These are banners incorporated into stands. There are a lot of various trade show displays including retractable ones. But all of them are based on a couple of common systems:

  • pop-up exhibits consisting of a flexible panel and frame creating an angled or curved surface. You should use it as the back for a trade show booth. 
  • panel displays being a stable and more complicated system. It will take you some effort to assemble it. Also they can be configured in different manners. They can be reused.

Anyway, such displays meet the requirements of promotional tools used at various events like exhibitions, and at different venues like supermarkets and stores. They are able to increase spontaneous purchases. They are:

  1. compact and can be stored easily due to a convenient construction;
  2. quite flexible as to the design and shapes, there are even curved ones;
  3. mobile meaning that you can easily relocate it;
  4. efficient as far as their visibility draws the attention of visitors.

Why may you need trade show displays?

They are used to generate customer traffic and maximize profit. This is a nice opportunity to showcase the best products or services of your business and make show attendees get interested in the advertised items. This is a perfect tool to build your brand coming with highly visible information, images, and pictures full of color. It is important to develop an eye-catching design to achieve your goals. 

The content on such a display should inform everybody of the name of the product, contacts of the producer, advantages of the offer, the way it can help. This is a kind of communication with the target audience. So, it should not only promote but also it should bring useful information, introduce products or services, generate new sales opportunities.

What do we offer?

In Los Angeles trade show displays can be of various forms and sizes. Some of them are interchangeable and substitutable while the others are one of a kind being intended for a particular purpose. In our current catalogue there are products:

  1. EZ tube backdrops which can be single and double side;
  2. Lumiere light wall with non-printed and full color printed end caps which can be with and without podium.
  3. Wave or straight pop up with or without lights coming in a package with a podium case.

Our advantages

Our shop print is able to provide a wide range of products and in addition we guaranty:

  • fast turnaround. It is possible to get the order ready just overnight if the volume is not too large;
  • friendly professional customer support available via email (;
  • easy solutions of the issues connected with damage of loss of the shipment with replacement and/or refunding;
  • affordable shipping calculated on an individual basis considering remoteness of destination.

We are ready to offer a diverse choice of trade show displays in Los Angeles. Place an order and get it delivered right to your door without delay!