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Banner Printing Los Angeles

Banner printing in Los Angeles is a popular type of wide-format printing providing access to a wide target audience. The ready products are made from various materials with the use of wide-format printers. Banners are located inside and outside depending on purposes of the construction.

When it is the right time for the promotion, you should announce some event and attract as many customers as possible. You’ll definitely want to do it in the best possible way. We are sure that you reach your goals and arrive at the expected results if you use banners as an extremely efficient communication instrument.

What is a banner?

Banner is an advertising medium in the form of a piece of fabric, paper, or vinyl with some message printed on one or both sides. The content may contain words, signs, images, and symbols presenting the information about the brand, company, product, special offering, or event. The material is arranged with a frame fixed in various ways. Banners can be made in different sizes and shapes to meet particular requirements. Customization is available.

The key purpose of a banner is to attract attention of passersby to gain established goals: to increase sales volumes, invite visitors of a venue, inform of competitive advantages of the product or services. Here it is important to apply various tools to make the message brief, instructive, comprehensive, noticeable, and out-standing. It is better to choose a font of a large size, think over colors preferring corporative hues to support brand recognition. 

The material does matter too. It can be either durable or affordable. Thus, fabric banners are good for short term promotions. But if you have a need in a long lasting advertising, it is better to choose vinyl which is more wear-resistant. Both materials are lightweight, good-looking, and efficient. They can be fixed in challenging places where harder constructions cannot be used. Their storage is easy as far as a banner can be disassembled, folded, and reused.

Why can banner printing be needed?

In Los Angeles banner printing is in high demand because banners are very good for promotion of any kind. They can be placed at various exhibitions to present a participant. There are a lot of banners in malls and shopping centers coming with bright and speaking advertising. In a retail store this tool can be used to inform customers of sales promotions, new arrivals, or holiday special offers.

Inside banners are fixed on the walls, ceiling, and windows so that everybody can view marketing messages. For such purposes they usually use a thinner material which is not as durable as it could be but it is durable enough to display the message during the required period of time.

If there is a need in the banner, which is able to survive strong winds and rain as far as it is meant to be located outside, you should choose a more durable material. Only the constructions with vinyl should be preferred. They can be hung with grommets on the exterior walls of various buildings or in the street being fixed in special frames. This variant will be more expensive but it is worth the money. It is used to attract much more customers as far as it is located in places with high traffic flow. Such constructions are usually guaranteed against showing signs of wear.

Working process

In Los Angeles banner printing is performed with use of modern equipment. We offer a choice of the best materials available. There is coated paper in a gloss or matte finish. Also, vinyl and fabric are provided. These materials are much thicker, more durable, and more fade resistant. 

The size for banners are restricted with the size of the material and capacity of the equipment. The customer may opt for the smallest width equal to about 30 centimeters or for the largest width equal to about 3 meters. The length and width can be customized depending on the client’s needs and the technical parameters of a printer.

The smaller printers are intended for posters. While large printers are used for larger sheets of material. Also, features of a printing equipment can allow printing in simplex or duplex so that the content appears on one or both sides of a banner. Simplex is preferred by a greater number of customers, but duplex is also ordered to locate a banner in the places where traffic is coming from both directions. Of course, the latter variant costs much more.

Our advantages

We offer a wide range of options to please our customers including:

  • rapid and accurate feedback via email (;
  • easy payment method and prompt confirmation of the transaction which is sent to e-mail address mentioned in the order;
  • printing of a customer’s templates provided in files of various formats including PDF, .EPS, .TIFF, Adobe Illustrator and much more;
  • fixing of the issue related to the damaged product arrived if all requirements are met;
  • calculation of shipping costs during checkout in accordance with dimensions, weight of the banners and destination;
  • free shipping for orders exceeding $150;
  • tracking of the latest updates of the order status performed with use of a tracking link a customer gets after dispatch;
  • refund and replacement of the parcel damaged or lost during transportation after customer’s addressing and conducted investigation;
  • possibility to cancel the order before it is dispatched and even if it has been dispatched, it is possible to arrange the things in accordance with our refund policy;
  • friendly and helpful customer support which is available via email (

Are you looking for custom banners in Los Angeles? We’ll be glad to provide you with the needed information and print the banners of any difficulty! Just contact us to find out the details.