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Banner material

Banner material

One of the most popular types of outdoor advertising is large–format banners. Thanks to a well-chosen composition, scale, bright colors, they instantly attract the eyes. They can be seen on billboards installed along roads, on the facades of buildings, inside large shopping and entertainment centers.

Features of banner printing

The banner is a dense rectangular panel, on the outer surface of which an image or text is applied. To get the maximum effect from the installation of such advertising, the canvas is placed in crowded places and areas with high traffic. These can be commercial and office centers, entrances to hypermarkets and entertainment centers, curbs of sidewalks adjacent to main roads and important highways, crowded urban areas.

The main feature of banner printing los angeles is that the specifics of its execution will completely depend not only on the information that needs to be conveyed to people, but also on other factors:

  • the service life of the advertising canvas – year-round or seasonally;
  • the location of the structure – in the open air or in a building;
  • the heights of the location and the focusing distance of the image – for advertising placed at the level of human height, and installed on high-rise stands on racks, the image parameters will be different.

For the production of banners, large-format printing is used on laser, inkjet or photonic equipment.

Definition of the material

To make a banner, different materials are used, the density, rigidity and resistance to climatic factors of which depend on the cost of the product and its service life.

Choosing the material for the banner, it is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics, since they are responsible for durability, strength and determine the placement of the advertising product.

  • Elasticity is an indicator that determines how much it will be possible to bend the material without noticeable creases. Elasticity depends on the density of the fabric. The smaller it is, the easier it is to bend and fold the poster. In addition, this characteristic depends on the manufacturing method. Cast fabric has more elasticity than laminated.
  • Service life. Cast fabric is considered more durable than laminated and will last from 3 to 7 years. However, the service life of any street banner depends on weather conditions.
  • Tensile strength along the fibers. The denser the weave and more reinforcing threads are included in the fabric base, the more difficult it is to break it.

In addition, when choosing a banner canvas, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature stability of the canvas, which is responsible for the susceptibility of the surface to paint.

Vinyl 13 oz

A 13-inch banner is a great way to advertise your graphics. The banner roll material stops the light passing through the back of the printed banner, making your graphics come alive everywhere. The material is mainly used for advertising and folding, which can be used in shopping mall, billboard, road, etc. It has high strength.

Vinyl 15 oz

The vinyl banner gives you a ton of flexibility for any event, even outdoors. Custom banner printing is a solution for advertising at trade shows, auctions, real estate developments, as well as outdoor and business advertising. But thanks to a wide range of options, they work well in all these situations and more, for example, in permanent exhibitions, as decor, for small personal events such as birthdays, or as a business sign for pop-up shops and trucks.


Vinyl mesh is a material used for structures operated inside buildings and on the street. It has a high degree of wear resistance, resistance to low temperatures and moisture, good image detail and excellent color transfer. Vinyl canvases are suitable for applying both monochrome and bright images, but have insufficient elasticity.


The fabric is a durable and at the same time, elastic material with a combined composition. Due to its resistance to moisture, mechanical and wind loads, and low temperatures, the banner fabric can be used for use in buildings and outdoors. Good elasticity made it possible to use the canvas as an advertisement not only on flat frames, but also on radius surfaces, such as advertising pillars.


If you want to achieve high-definition images, accurate transmission of the entire range of shades, then print the banner on canvas. Canvas is a natural fabric covered with a vinyl layer of small thickness. Due to this, advertising becomes resistant to moisture and almost does not deform. Basically, reproductions of paintings on an enlarged indoorscale are printed on canvas for interior decoration, theatrical backdrops, and other artistic images.


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